Logbooks And The Truckie

Whilst we’ve certainly hit maximum mobile app hysteria out there in the world, with an endless array of apps available for truckies in Australia, there are some sore areas that apps can not fulfil.

One of these is the need for logbooks. For example, the Trucklog app is ideal for helping with providing an overview for taxation in relation to all of the kilometres that you drive around the country. But, and this is a big but, it does not replace the current work diary legally required in Australia.

So this means, that for taxation purposes, you will really need to consider how to best manage your diaries, as these apps can only assist with minimising paperwork, but can’t replace it!

However, on the subject of finance, and saving dollars for the trucking community in Australia, we would recommend that you consider using an mobile app such as MotorMouth. This will direct you, using the GPS of your phone to petrol stations around you with the cheapest petrol around. It logs petrol pricing for the past 30 days, and also forecasts the following seven days. It will certainly help provide you with the information to save you lots of money, and let you better manage your finances better.

Whilst we are at it, don’t neglect to use an app to log all of your expenses. The ATO’s app is very good, or you could consider others like Expensify. Keeping these types of records will let you move away from the old-school methodology of keeping lots of receipts in a shoebox, and then you have to input them into some type of program. Scanning them in as you is certainly the way to go, that is for sure! This will also help you claim at tax time, as you won’t lose any receipts like you used to!


How To Improve Your Credit Rating

Securing debt financing or an unsecured business loan can be particularly difficult if you have a low credit score.

To make yourself more attractive to potential lenders, then you need to consider how to go about doing the ‘right thing’, potentially ‘pay your dues’ for a while, and then reapply for that loan you need. Below are a selection of excellent tips and techniques that will help you improve your credit rating – some of these are so simple you’d wonder why you didn’t think of them earlier!

  • Look at your credit file. Get a copy from your credit agency and find out your credit score.
  • Have an active credit card account and sign up for a small credit card, if possible. Make your payments on time and start setting a good positive tone.
  • Fix up other people’s mistakes – your credit file may have a default, court writ or judgement listed on it by mistake.
  • Pay your bills on time by keeping track of them, setting up a calendar, and even monthly direct debits if possible.
  • Don’t ask for too much. Becoming a credit junkie with too many failed applications may lead to a loss of a lot of credit score points.
  • Avoid negative listings at all costs. Having a negative listing against your name can have a terrible impact on your credit score, and stay there for five years. Writs, judgements, bankruptcies, and clear outs can be listed for up to 7 years. You’ll find that credit providers will avoid you like the plague with a negative listing.

How Unsecured Business Loans Can Help Grow Your Business

All businesses have their vision and mission they follow but to make it happen, business owners need to possess expertise for leadership and enough capital that will finance the business. Even when you have the vision to go places in business, you need to fund your business so as to achieve this feat. You should not be discouraged because the emergence of business loans can help you fund that business of yours.

UK businesspersons have the opportunity to get capital and finance their businesses with unsecured business loans which has been specifically designed for them. These loans are flexible to the borrower because it can be used for any purpose intended. The purpose for borrowing varies from one individual to the other and can be used for different reasons like starting a business, expanding the business, financing an asset or purchasing an equipment. Other businesspersons obtain loans and use it as capital which allows them conserve cash.

The good thing about unsecured business loans is that you do not need to provide a security against it. Therefore, you your property is not under any risk of being taken from you.

These loans vary from £15,000 to £250,000 with repayment ranging from 1 to 20 years, depending on the amount borrowed and credit history of the borrower. This kind of loan is suitable for small cash and short term needs.

Unsecured business loan gives a borrower who applys for it the following advantages:

  1. Tax Advantage: The interest that accompanies the loan can be deducted through tax thereby helping the borrower save enough money.
  2. Ownership retention: A business owner does not need to sell his company to an outsider just to raise funds.
  3. Management of Cash Flow: An unsecured business loan gives a borrower capital that has minimal up-front payments with a loan repayment schedule that is flexible for finances.

Every unsecured business loan requires the borrower to pay a high interest rate of the amount borrowed since it requires no collateral. You can select either a fixed interest rate which remains constant within a certain period of time or a variable interest rate which is not constant and changes within the period. The lender owns the interest on the loan and the borrower does not need to pay any percentage of profit or company share to the lender.

Having a good credit history is a big advantage when applying for a loan and with the absence of collateral, it makes the lender see the credit worthiness of the borrower. This is because the borrower gives the lender a high level of confidence in terms of loan repayment. Having a high level credit score makes the borrower entitled to getting a fast and cheap loan.

There are many lenders but the ones operating online will help in overcoming the challenges that would be faced when taking a loan offline. It also saves time and money since it requires just filling an application form online and within a short time, the loan gets approved and disbursed. If you are searching for the best loan, get loan quotes from different lenders and compare them against one another.

The main objective of every business is profit maximization and an unsecured business loan could provide funds for any type of business.


How Do I Get My Truck Loan Approved for my Dump Truck?

One good way to get your truck loan approved for dump truck financing is to look for independent truck dealers. Some independent dealers may be willing to offer you dump truck financing, without you having to go through a bank. This means that your monthly payments on the loan will be paid directly to them. If you’ve established a relationship with them, maybe by buying a truck previously from them, it may give them a comfort level about your personality and your ability to repay them.

If you’re presently renting a truck from a rental company, they may offer you a dump truck loan based on your good pay history. If you’ve a good timely payment history, it may increase your credibility and make them more comfortable to grant the loan request. Some of the companies may even add some of the rental payments towards the selling price. You may not know it, but this is more common these days.

In addition, someone will always have to co-sign before the loan is granted. Many lending institutions out there will finance your truck purchase if you can provide a strong co-signer. The co-signer could be anyone; a relative, a friend or a parent that’s willing to put his/her beside your name on the document.


Finally, there are some companies that can get around your bad credit by asking you to provide a good collateral before granting you the loan. If you happen to own a real estate with equity or another truck that’s free, your bad credit issues may not matter a great deal with these companies. However, the lending company will decide the amount of loan to be approved based on the market value of your collateral. Of course, these companies have specific niche they focus on. So, if you can find collateral based lenders that specialize in heavy equipment financing such as dump truck and semi-truck financing, they are a good alternative if your credit standing is not perfect.



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Financing Your Truck With Bad Credit

The first thing that comes into play when purchasing a vehicle is the financial side of things. This is no different when it comes to a truck purchase and this is done through financing. However, you need to have a decent credit score/rating presuming you may need a loan to pay off the truck.

The person trying to obtain the loan will need to show proof of their borrowing history. This is to ensure they are a credible enough candidate to be eligible. It’s just the basics. You’re not going to go to anyone and ask to borrow their money without providing a reason why they should do it and it is the same with a bank/lender. So, as long as the individual gives proof of borrowing history, then there is a platform to build on.

Loan Application Denied Stamp Showing Credit Rejected

Loan Application Denied Stamp Showing Credit Rejected

Then to ensure they are in the right position to receive the financing for their truck, they will need to show proof of identity. Things such as a driver’s licence, tax returns and maybe phone bills will be documents that could be required to provide further proof.

We should point out that it is possible to finance your favourite truck even if you have a relatively poor/bad credit rating but you need to go to a creditor that offers these types of loans. A deal-breaker in this situation will be the age of the truck. If it is 5 or more years old, the loan will no longer be a possibility.

And lastly, given the payments required, you need to go to the right creditor. Not everyone will be perfect, but if they give you a decent offer in terms of your repayment period, then it is worth looking into! Most repayment periods for a truck loan will be between 9 months and 4 years and the exact amount of the truck will be given.

Therefore, you just need to understand the restrictions and limitations to securing a loan with bad credit. You can definitely make it work, but it’d certainly be easier to have a good credit rating!


Purchasing A Used Truck

Any vehicle purchase could see you being ripped off. It is the sad reality.

We have touched on some basics for deciding whether you are wanting to purchase new or used trucks, but now we will look solely at what you need to be aware of when buying a used truck.

You want to get the best deal whether it be price, comfort, features or low kms etc. At the same time you definitely need to consider the risk associated.

The starting point for every person when it comes to a transaction is price. Sometimes you can be swayed by the shine and glitter of a new product or maybe you just have loyalty to a particular brand or make. But price still remains the ultimate consideration for understandable reasons.

Often, you can get an estimated value of the truck you have decided on. Doing this will determine if the person or dealer is trying to oversell the vehicle to you or not. If they are, provide proof of the estimation. It is like anything in life where you may need to price-match to get the deal you are after and ultimately deserve.

Also consider the overall look of the vehicle. Chances are, if the vehicle has low miles/kms, you will be getting plenty of use out of it! Don’t be afraid to look hard for what you like because you might be stuck with it for a while. Comfort, features and reliability are things you should focus on, but if a truck stands out to you and you can afford it then trust your instinct.

Then make sure you understand the end process – documentation, paperwork and negotiation. Ensure you provide relevant and up-to-date information in your application so dealers are given the complete picture but don’t forget to negotiate before you establish a final price. Squeeze them for everything they’ve got because they’ll definitely be doing the same to you!


New Vs Used Truck


We’d like to give you all of the necessary information needed to determine whether you want to purchase a new or used truck and include the financial precautions you may need to take!

Make a list of what you might need out of your truck.

What will suit you? What will be comfortable? What will give you the most efficiency when travelling from A to B? What about the price? It’s a big decision and not one that should really be taken lightly.

As mentioned, comfort and style are clearly important but it’s also key for you to consider family, relationships, friends, personal use. All of these considerations need to be made. There’s plenty to weigh up.

Simply research both new and used trucks and try to narrow them down to a reasonable number. Personally, I would look at no more than 10 vehicles in more detail or you’ll be spending too much time agonising over your decision!

Whatever the number of trucks you’ve found is, lower that to below 10. If you’ve found 10 or less, then beginning researching in much more detail. Visit the specific dealerships/places that hold the truck. Talk to people, immediate family and friends or just people you know that have had experience using the vehicles. Online reviews can also be a good asset to helping you make a prompt decision (presuming you need to do so) but don’t completely rely on them – look to use them as a guide because it is your choice at the end of the day.

Let’s look at used trucks first. They can be very affordable solutions but while you can find a used truck that looks and feels new, it is often easy to tell when something has been used or not. But at the same time, don’t let that deter you from making the purchase or at least making the consideration. Look online, at yards, or ask close friends if they have or know of anyone selling a used vehicle.

Alternatively, new trucks are almost always going to be more costlier than used vehicles. It’s basic stuff. If something’s newer, then obviously you will spend more for that item. But that doesn’t always make it better. New trucks will typically give you an array of new features and comfort but are they always going to work in your budget? Do they suit your needs? By all means, go for it if they do. Just be sure a used alternative isn’t one that actually could work for you.

Weigh all of these factors up. If you can afford something in the high-priced range then don’t hold back, but be sure this is the case. However, getting the latest model isn’t always essential and used trucks are therefore a very effective method that should be considered. They can often do the same things at a lower cost.

In summary just be cautious in your approach and don’t settle for a vehicle that may give you headaches down the line!

Used or New? It depends on your personal situation, but we hope we’ve provided enough financial information and guidance for you to make an informed decision either way!



Understanding The Process Of Financing Your Truck



In order to get your vehicle financed, you need to consider process and the documentation you may need.

Understanding how financing works in this situation will be the best way for you to start. Truck dealers want to finalise the sale and provide the necessary invoices and documentation to push it through. This is why they’ll initially ask you to sign an offer to purchase a vehicle.

You’ll be able to find the vehicle’s details on the invoice following the purchase and the dealer will most likely send the order to purchase to the company who finances your truck. The next step will involve the credit agreement ie. weekly and monthly repayments etc.

Essentially, the process will run smoothly so long as you provide accurate information in your application. Ensure you provide a truck license, proof of your salary, your ID and some form of phone bill.

Each of these things will provide the dealer with enough personal evidence to confirm the transaction of the heavy vehicle. An authority to release form will be given and you will need to sign the document to ensure the financier can pay the dealer.

These are just some of the basics you’ll need to understand when purchasing a truck.