Logbooks And The Truckie

Whilst we’ve certainly hit maximum mobile app hysteria out there in the world, with an endless array of apps available for truckies in Australia, there are some sore areas that apps can not fulfil.

One of these is the need for logbooks. For example, the Trucklog app is ideal for helping with providing an overview for taxation in relation to all of the kilometres that you drive around the country. But, and this is a big but, it does not replace the current work diary legally required in Australia.

So this means, that for taxation purposes, you will really need to consider how to best manage your diaries, as these apps can only assist with minimising paperwork, but can’t replace it!

However, on the subject of finance, and saving dollars for the trucking community in Australia, we would recommend that you consider using an mobile app such as MotorMouth. This will direct you, using the GPS of your phone to petrol stations around you with the cheapest petrol around. It logs petrol pricing for the past 30 days, and also forecasts the following seven days. It will certainly help provide you with the information to save you lots of money, and let you better manage your finances better.

Whilst we are at it, don’t neglect to use an app to log all of your expenses. The ATO’s app is very good, or you could consider others like Expensify. Keeping these types of records will let you move away from the old-school methodology of keeping lots of receipts in a shoebox, and then you have to input them into some type of program. Scanning them in as you is certainly the way to go, that is for sure! This will also help you claim at tax time, as you won’t lose any receipts like you used to!